Mexican Mission Before the OAS Holds Art Exhibition Highlighting Relationship Between CIRDI and Women in the Region

Mexico 1

The Permanent Mission of Mexico before the Organization of American States (OAS) launched the exhibition “Women in All Their Diversity”, in order to contribute to the dialogue on women’s diversity and to the recognition of intersectionality as an important factor in addressing the issue of gender and/or gender discrimination against women. 

The International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights (Race and Equality) was represented by Elvia Duque, who assisted in opening the exposition “Women in All Their Diversity”, a piece which takes elements of the Inter-American Convention against Racism, Racial Discrimination, and Other Forms of Discrimination (CIRDI) and from the Inter-American Convention against All Forms of Racism and Intolerance. 

The art piece invites awareness of both Inter-American instruments and calls attention to the practices of relationships of societies, the curator indicates. 

“I thank Ambassador Luz Elena Baños Rivas, permanent Representative of Mexico to the OAS and her team for this important initiative, as well as the OAS Museum of the Americas,” said Elvia Duque. Duque emphasized the urgency of advancing the understanding of ethnic diversity as an imperative to the elimination of violence against women. Race and Equality promotes the CIRDI 2024 Campaign, which contains guidelines for working “Towards a Region Free from Racial Discrimination.” 

The art exhibit seeks to highlight and recognize the works of Mexican women, in addition to contributions by the Kimberly Collection of the Cultural Institute of Mexico in the United States. 

Race and Equality will continue to work with civil society organizations and the Mexican State to promote the effective implementation of CIRDI in Mexico. 

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